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Visit above to see our great Buyer Appreciation Month discounts!
Site News

Most members on Quest for Bids have seen the name "Lori's Bargain Boutique" for some time. Lori has been active on eBay-alternative sites for the better part of the last decade, and she has been an active member of each community wherever she sold.

This month Lori is giving an extra 20% discount on her "clearance" category. Browse through her entire store as well, and find a nice selection of health and beauty items available for sale.

Visit the rest of our seller's Buyer Appreciation Month deals below.

Another edition of Quest for Bids Seller Spotlight for Buyer Appreciation Month!

Timeless Avenue, run by a trusted long term online seller RecordLady, for a great selection of vintage music and other items.

From her store: "Have a little bit of everything. Many different genres of LPs. Alot of hand crochet items. If looking for one in mind and don't see it just email me and ask. Have a lot of things so grab that cup of coffee and window shop from your computer, you never know what you might find."

For the month of June, she is offering 12% off everything in her booth! Just make your purchases and use the voucher code "Thankyou" to receive your discount.

Visit our other sellers for Buyer Appreciation Month below to save up to 20% off their inventory:

Thanks for taking time to read about our newest seller spotlight for buyer appreciation month!

This week, I decided to run with two sellers who are participating.

Leshers offers a nice selection of handmade and quilted decor and clothing accessories, and this month all are 15% off! The store owner is a big time promoter of Quest, so be sure to stop by and tell her thank you.

TxPeddler, who operates the Rummage Bin, has dozens of new, unopened, and collectible Hot Wheels that are $1 off the listed price. Stop by and see if you can find the one to complete your collection.

June is Buyer Appreciation Month!

See below for some great offerings from top sellers

Sellers, if you would like to be added to the buyer appreciation month, visit this link.

We will be running a "Buyer Appreciation Month" for the whole month of June at Quest for Bids. Please visit the forum to sign up your store and discounts!

This will run the full month of June. June 1st thru June 30th, You can join in for part of it or the whole month.

This is an especially valuable tool to use to bring shoppers to your store by offering them an incentive, discount or a free gift.

Okay, here is what I will need from you:

Your Quest for Bids nickname:

Your real name:

Your Quest for Bids store name:

Your store url:

Your promotion: (not an item by item discount) Please keep your promotions under 235 characters, including spaces. You can also add it to your Global Messaging. It will show on your store and each listing.

Your banner url: (This is where your banner image is hosted - the image link is needed. If you don't know, please contact me.) Contact Duane if they need a banner for their store or discounts. He will make banners if needed :)

You can either email your info

Or use the PM in the forum or just leave it here in the thread of the forum.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I will update the list of participants as I get new ads in. If you don't see your name a couple of days after you've sent me your information, contact me. When I receive your information, I will reply to you. Just so that you know I have it.

Don't miss out on your chance to get some free advertising and extra exposure!!!

Did you read that right???

Yes! You can now use just one single page to list items for sale! This saves will save you a ton of time of clicking "Next Step" through 6 different steps when listing items for sale on the site.

When listing, here is how to do it:

Click on "Sell" like normal, then select "SELL IT QUICKLY" from the new dropdown menu to use the one page form. Almost everything is included on it. Note: This is a streamlined format meant for "quick" listings, so when you are listing keep in mind that you must accept a direct payment method (no 'offline' payments can be selected) and you cannot put the individual item vouchers, auto relists, or item tags in the one page form. You can however now select up to a 1 year listing, so you do not have to relist every month or week if you use the sell it quickly form.

If you still need to list an item with a voucher or offline payment method, you can still do that by selecting "ADVANCED SELL FORM" on the "Sell" tab.

It was a little bit of headache with the coding for the last day, but has all been worth it to get installed correctly as a very useful new feature. Stay tuned for a busy summer on the forums, from promotions for buyers & sellers alike.

Visit the forum for discussion:

The last couple days I lost a few hairs and have no nails left. It turns out it was a very simple fix, just took us some time to figure out. Thanks to Brian at for the help.

Look for an update on the single page listing tool that you can use. It is now active and ready to go!

Some of you may recall I scheduled a site cleanup of old auctions for late February. Due to some family issues the last couple month, I was never able to complete the site's cleanup of old auctions. I am re-scheduling the cleanup for the weekend of 4/29-4/30. I will put the site in downtime for about an hour, conduct a database backup, then remove all the old auctions. Once it is done, the site will be live again and probably a bit faster.

I will send another email out the week of to tell you the time I am going to complete it.

What you need to do:

This will only affect auctions that have been deleted from "Members Area" by a seller or buyer. For the next couple weeks, please do not delete any active or sold items that you need to keep or that you have not been paid for, paid, left and received feedback for, or they will be gone forever on Feb 25.

April Showers Weekend Challenge

Are you up to a Weekend Challenge? Only a couple rules to join in.

You will need to sign up for it here:

Will need to buy from atleast one auction from any of the sellers that sign up for it.

Simple rules and everyone that signs up for the Weekend Challenge for April 7th thru April 10th, will get free advertising for their store. The thread in the forum will be advertised.

If you would like add a voucher to your store to get better results. {You don't have to have a voucher for your buyers to join in, just sign up.} You can leave it when you sign up and if you add it in the Global Messaging, you can find out how here:

Let's see if we can make it rain buyers. So add those items before 7th of April. so people will see what you have to offer.

Addition: The site will now send emails from ""

I was going to send an email out, but giving the topic here that would not work :(

A member told me this morning that the site's emails are going automatically to the Gmail spam folders. This happens usually by accident when a receiver labels an email as spam, and Google will start identifying it as such. To make sure you are receiving our emails, you will need to go to your spam folder and mark one of our emails as "Not spam."

On a PC this is how to do it. If you do not use Gmail on a PC, rather on a phone, please contact me and I will walk you through it.

Weekend challenge going on now through March 6. Never too late to signup!

Visit our forum to join:

I will be deleting all old auctions that the script has not deleted itself on February 25. This is something I do about once a year to cleanup everything and make the site run smoother. This will only affect auctions that have been deleted from "Members Area" by a seller or buyer. For the next 4 weeks, please do not delete any active or sold items that you need to keep or that you have not been paid for, paid, left and received feedback for, or they will be gone forever on Feb 25. The site will be put in downtime during the cleanup so I can complete a clean backup and delete them, then check each member's area and make sure all went well.

I will send out reminders each weekend.

Stay tuned for a February weekend challenge!

USPS is raising first class, priority, parcel, and express rates effective 1/22/17.

Please read here for more details:

If you need to make adjustments to your rates but want to post a message, use the global message feature that was setup last week to give your customers warning.

Global message:

As announced in this thread:

I just installed a new feature that I think can go a long way to help everyone. It is a "global message" that you can create to show in all your items for sale and in your store, with one simple click.

Go to member's area and locate the "Create Global Announcement" link.

Add a title (optional) and the text of your announcement with a full WYSIWYG editor.

Check to enable the global announcement and submit.

The possibilities are endless! Add links to specific items, put category links, other stores, put your store header on each one, you name it!

I hope everyone enjoys the new addition :)

Listing Contest 11/9-11/23

We will be having a listing contest until 11/23 now (2 extra days) since I did not sent the message out... sorry!

Here are the rules:

  • Visit your member's area and copy/paste your selling totals in this thread above, it should look like this:

Sold Items: 47 Open: 256 Items with Bids/Offers: 1 Scheduled: 0 Closed: 15 Drafts: 0

  • If you have multiple accounts, you can combine your totals from each account
  • Listings have to be different items.

How it will be figured:

You will get credit for closed and sold items. The formula that will be used is:

Open items + sold items + closed items.

So if this is your starting:

Sold Items: 47 Open: 256 Items with Bids/Offers: 1 Scheduled: 0 Closed: 15 Drafts: 0 = 303


Sold Items: 52 Open: 291 Items with Bids/Offers: 1 Scheduled: 0 Closed: 10 Drafts: 0 = 343 Final total: 45

Hey again everyone!

Thanks for making the fall festival fun on the site. Here are some things coming up for the site:

Store banners:

I will be placing banners in rotation at the top of the site this month for each store. I can use the one you currently have in rotation at the bottom of each page, or another if you would like. Please email me if you would like to use a different one. If you don't have one yet, I can make one also. To keep in the rotation, you have to log in to the forum here to request your banner since it will only be for active members:

Item specific discount vouchers:

I had a recent request to have listing specific discount vouchers for the site. I was able to install this, but unfortunately the vouchers will not be displayed in each auction for individual items.

One conflict to be aware of:

If you have a store-wide voucher discount, this will show in all your auctions even if you have a specific listing voucher setup. The only way to disable that is to turn off the display of the vouchers in each auction. I recommend not running a store-wide voucher when running single item vouchers. There is no way to correct this without turning off display of all vouchers.

Winners of the fall festival contests:

Listing contest and store design contest: Recordlady

Referral contest: Angelwings2ltd

Listing contest starting November 9-20

Get ready for December! Standard rules apply, I will send out a reminder before it begins with the signup forum link.

Facebook page:

The website has shut down and is no longer transmitting feeds. They gave us very little warning unfortunately. I am looking to replace this very soon with a new service as soon as I select one I think can do the same quality of posts.

Until then, remember you can share each page on Facebook with the share link in the top right of every page on the site.

Thanks for a great month!


New rates for 2017, primarily affecting Priority Mail.

The Needle in a Haystack contest has begun!

Visit this thread in the forum for more:

First 3 needles in the haystack are ready to go!

Here's how it works... I've placed this picture in 3 auctions on the site. If you find the picture in the listing with the clues and post here first, you win the prize listed beside it! I will be buying the prizes, so sellers don't worry :)

Needle 1: Find it and win this item!
Hint #1, A favorite sweet treat this time of year

Needle 2: Find it and win this auction!
Hint #1, a Japanese tradition

Needle 3: Find it and win any item from the seller under $6 (excluding shipping)
Hint #1, Reagan was President

Good luck, and I will post a second hint on Thursday morning!

This is the picture you are hunting:

Fall carnival store decorating contest is starting today!

To enter, you only need to have an open store and post here if you want to be involved.

Decorate your store between September 22 and September 30, and we will get the members to vote on the best looking store here in the forum during the month of October. It doesn't have to be just a fall themed store. There are about 40 different store themes to choose from, and the headers all are based on your imagination alone. Don't forget the specials, about, and policy page decorations too, let's get a total package!

On October 1, I will review everyone's who posted here that they were going to participate, and select a winner!

The winner will win the following at a $20 value:

Visit this thread in the forum to see the deals and add your own:

The postal service is slightly raising rates from $2.45 to $2.62 on first class mail parcels 1-3 ounces on August 28. Please make a note of it.

From August 7-17, we are having a first anniversary "Sale-abration" sale open to all sellers.

Save at Lori's Bargain Boutique August 7-13, bags, purses, clothing, and shoes are 25% off using Buy Now. (Voucher Code: 25%)

Save 10% at The Enchanted Cottage! Voucher code: anniversary (May not be combined with frequent buyer discount)

Save 15% at Timeless Avenue! (Voucher Code: 1styear)

Save 10% at Lesher's Handmade Gifts! (voucher code: ten)

Save 15% at Lost Planet Organics! (Voucher code: anniversary)

Save 20% at Gravity Video! (Voucher code: oneyear)

Want to be included in the sale? Simply create a voucher for your customers with a discount and post that voucher and amount in the thread below to be included:

I have added a new payment method to the site, Pay with Facebook Messenger. Most payments are debit card to debit card and 100% free to send and receive money.

To learn more about how to send or receive money on Facebook or Facebook Messenger, read here:

Is anyone up for a Weekend Challenge?

If you want to join in just BUY from someone on the site and list it here what you bought and a link back to YOUR store for people to browse and hopefully buy something from you. This will be for next weekend (July 29th thru July 31)

Let's see how many join in. Anyone up for it? ;)

Here at Quest for Bids we will be having our first annual "Christmas in July" sales event.

If you are interested in participating, please take the time to setup vouchers in your account for the event. I will make banners for anyone who has setup a voucher for this event, or contacts me with a sale promotion. Banners will be on rotation at the top of the site and I will post to social media daily.

Setup vouchers:

Also, there will be a referral contest for points to bring in more members.

Anyone who refers a new member will get a point.

If that new member makes 1-5 purchases, the referring member will get 2 extra points.

If the new member makes 6 or more purchases from sellers, the referring member will get 3 more points.

If the new member opens a store and lists at least 10 items, the referring member will get 4 extra points.

Whoever hits 10 points first wins, and the winner returns to zero points while everyone else works to un-seat them in the next round. Points will carry over for all members each round except the winner.

The winner of each round will receive a $20 gift card of their choice from Paypal Gifts.

I am happy to announce that all stores that meet a minimum criteria will be given a subdomain to advertise their store. I have selected a subdomain name between either your user ID or store name to place the subdomain under. Unfortunately, all the script modules were not subdomains, so will have to manually make changes if you decide on a different name. It will not be listed this way on the site, but it will work to put on any correspondence with buyers.

All stores with 5 or more items listed now have a subdomain. There is no cost required to maintain your subdomain! However, there are a few basic requirements that should be easy for everyone to meet, because I am limited on the number of subdomains I can create:

  • Maintain 20 or more items in your store. (Current subdomains have until May 31 to have 20 items listed) and...
  • Log in at least once every week to check on your account, and...
  • Maintain a good feedback reputation.

If you are a new member after this posting, to get your subdomain:

  • Either sign up and contact me to verify your account on another site, or import your eBay feedback score, and...
  • List at least 20 items and maintain this listing count for 30 days.

In nearly all situations, I always recommend that sellers on marketplaces direct their own domain as well to their stores. You can get one through most web hosting companies now for about $10/year.

And now, drum roll... Here are our first subdomains!

Big news in the newsletter this month! View here: April/May newsletter

As many are aware, "thesoothingsoul" lost her husband this weekend after a long illness

They didn't have life insurance or savings to pay any expenses, and I would like to do what I can to help on the site.

As the site admin I will match the final bid amount and donate to her go fund me page.

The first item will be valued at $10 and smells better than an orchard. I will add another prize after the 4th bid, and every second bid after.

Click here to bid

As some of you may have heard, Helene's (thesoothingsoul) husband passed away last night. They had a donation page setup, and I wanted to be sure everyone got it. I am sure anything donated will be appreciated to help with expenses.



We will have a "hop on in" referral contest over the next 3 weeks, will end on Easter Sunday at midnight. The winner will get a $25 e-gift card of their choice from or Amazon.

Here are the few rules:

1. Must be someone not in a current member's household (No second accounts)

2. Must refer at least 2 members.

#3 must be one or the other:

3a. The new user must sign up and either buy one of your items, or if they buy from another seller must put your name in the "Referred by" box on the registration page or that seller will get the credit.


3b. The new user must sign up and list at least 10 items for sale and put your name in the "Referred by" box on the registration page.

Visit the forum to talk about it!

Finally! I was able to get a blue theme to work with this version of the software, but unfortunately not the one that was voted for. That one wasn't compatible with this version, had too many glitches. I added this design first, so check it out. It needs some additions to it still but it is a very dynamic site. Give it a try and let me know what you think:

You can change the site layout back to the current "Ultra" design after you do this, or just clear your cookies to change back to the current design. If you like it, each time you visit the site you will need to change it until I get a couple bugs worked out.

As promised!

The current site layout is a stock layout that comes with the script. I've made some tweaks to it but still, it is a stock layout and can look like a lot of different sites. You may not know, but you can change the site them at anytime in the top right corner menu titled "Choose Skin." On each change it may move somewhere different, but is always visible on the site if you like a different design.

Here are some options I have that would change the layout, but I want this to be kind of a group decision to make. Look at each one, test them out, and let me know by voting in the poll.

A few notes:
You can vote for 2 and the poll closes 1/30.
These links are to the designer's demos, not on questforbids, and there is some spanish language on his demos.
These are not complete, I will include the additions already on the site in a new design as well.
This does not have to happen, we can keep the same design.

I will review the votes and get 2 finalists for a final member vote next weekend.

1: Clean blue design

2: Gray design

3: Scrolling blue design

4: Orange design

5: Yellow design

6: Don't change anything!


Just a quick reminder about the upcoming USPS rate increases. Priority mail is increasing about 10% for a one pound parcel, and for smaller item sellers first class packages will increase from 2.04 for 1-3oz to 2.60.

See the full rate tables here:

I've added a mobile theme to the site as the last addition for this month. Visit the site on a phone or tablet to see it in action. Most areas of site visitors would find are under the theme, with only members area and stores being the normal site layout.

Visit the site to see it in action, or if you don't have a mobile or tablet device download Opera if you'd like to view it:

I tried today to install a listing designer, but unfortunately the designer only works on the previous version of the script. But fear not, there is a backup plan!

Visit get access to hundreds of free listing designs.

First sign up for an account. Don't enter a credit card, it isn't required to use their templates.

When listing, first find a free auction designs template you like, and click the "Get HTML" link on their site. List your item here, and click the HTML button of the text editor before entering anything into the box and a window will popup. Copy the HTML from the free auction designs template you like into the HTML window. Click save, and the template will load into the listing. From there, enter your description and terms, and that's it!

Since most sellers here list in just a few categories, it is very easy to just "Sell Similar" items and edit the description of each item like normal, so the template will probably stand for almost all listings.

View this listing to see an example:

We will have a "New Year" sitewide contest starting 1/1 and running through 1/22. The grand prize is a $40 e-gift card, and second prize is a $20 e-gift card, and third prize is a $10 e-gift card.

Here are the e-gift cards you will get to choose from:
In addition, you may also choose an Amazon card.

The last 2 contest winners were TheEnchantedCottage and RecordLady. Will they win again?

Here are the rules:
2 points for each purchased item, 1 point for each new listing, 1 point for each sold listing.
If your stats are not in this thread, then please post them below and I will add for you.
All listings must be online, and purchases made by 1/22 at 9pm CST.

Full rules can be found here:

Happy New Year everyone!

I added a few new features to the site today that I think you will all find to be REALLY cool and useful. I added the ability to create item META tags for search engines to pickup, and a Facebook comment box on all active auctions.

To set your Meta tags, right below the description you can add as many tags a possible to every item. Type the tag, hit and type another. It's that simple!

Second are the Facebook comments. You can comment on any item, including your own, and select "Post to Facebook" when you click it. When that comment submits, Facebook shows on your friend's feeds that you commented on that listing. They will be able to view the listing on Facebook and comment as well, or come to the site to view or comment. This is an easy way to help pull traffic to your listings!

View a picture of it in action attached, or visit this item to see it active:

I've just added a new payment option, Google Wallet. The payment requires an Android or Apple device with the Google Wallet app installed, and a credit card linked to the app just like normal with the Google Wallet app. All it takes from there is your buyer's or seller's phone number and email, and you can request or send payment. It really is simple, I've just tried it out on a test payment and worked like a charm, all with ZERO FEES!

Read more here:

Download from the Google Play store for Android payments.

Download from the Apple store for Iphone payments.

I just finished uploading 10 more store designs to the site this afternoon, bringing the total to a whopping 35 store templates for you to choose from! I went with themes on these designs for those of you who specialize in certain types of products, or just want a special touch added to your header.

Here are the store headers:

Pet 1

Antique 1

Sports 1


Pet 2

Antique 2

Sports 2

Green grass



I just installed the counters in the member's area for visitors and watchers. One note is that your IP address that is stored in the script will not register as a page view.

Also, now when relisting you will keep the same item ID. This will help a lot with advertising of items.

I tested eBay feedback import, but there are a few database queries I have to figure out on the test site.

Also remember the 5 new Christmas store themes!

I'm going to do a few more things and make some more store themes through the weekend so look for more to come!

Five new Christmas store themes are now active and available for your store. These are custom to this site, so stand out from the crowd! Nothing better than getting in the holiday sales spirit! Check them out and give them a try! Here are the headers:

Contact me if you have any banner you would like to place on the site. There will be no charge for banners linking to your on-site store. If you are wanting to link to another site, we can arrange a banner swap or negotiate a price or deal.

Banners should be 468 by a maximum of 100pixels. Also I will accept sidebar images for 125x125p.

Thanksgiving contest!

Contest #1:

Holiday stock-up contest runs from 11/17-11/27, get your stores stocked up for the holidays! The winner gets a $25 Amazon e-gift card!


Contest #2:

New seller contest. Join, open a store, and list 50 items, and be entered to win a $40 gift card!


View the contest board here:

I updated the site's layout today to a different theme that is more user friendly for buyers. The menus that were on the left side in the members area are now above the members area. If you have any issues please let me know.

Payments can cost you as much as 50¢ + 5% of the order, but did you know that you can accept payments 100% free? Signup with Dwolla!

To use Dwolla, signup through the link below. When a Dwolla user purchases from you, send them a money request and receive their payment. It's that easy, really!

Signup for Dwolla and pay no payment fees!

Just in, 20 booth/store themes! Pick from any of these below when you sign up for your store. Who says you can't have a little fun with it?

I have posted links to the feedback screenshots in the forum for all sellers that moved (I think)

>>> Feedback screenshot forum post <<<

If I missed you, let me know and I will get on it ASAP.

Before you email about a category being added, please do this:

Go to

Press [CTRL}+F

Enter the first 4-6 letters of the category you are wanting to make sure it isn't under another parent category.

This can help you to get listing faster. Thank you!

Just in, 20 booth/store themes! Pick from any of these below when you sign up for your store. Who says you can't have a little fun with it?

Welcome all new members! Being a member of other sites for a long time myself, I know that we all will miss it. But, we don't have to for long! I guarantee a 100% fee free site for life. I've been selling online a long time, still am, and my hectic life got a lot less hectic. I can afford the growth of the site, and look forward to us all growing together.

Need to transfer your listings? Contact me before 7/25 and I will get them downloaded and transfer them over. Uploads will happen as quickly as possible, but once downloaded I can format all your inventory easily.

Are you a professional Facebook group seller and need somewhere to list and host your inventory?

Look no further! You will get a fully branded store with your name, ID, logo, and the ability to link to anywhere you would like to help you sell. All that with an easy to use interface and storefront to get more hits from a single Facebook post!

If you sell on sites similar to ours, then we may be able to help you transfer your items to Five Flags Flea Market.

Examples of similar sites:,,, and

We can copy your listings quickly for you!

If you have your own website and want to join Five Flags also, we may be able to help. We can research your platform and usually get you ready to copy in just a few days.

Also if you copy your items to Five Flags Flea Market you will receive a lifetime free account. Contact us and find out more!

Do you love eBay? Do you love flea markets? Do you live in Florida?

Then signup today and start adding items to your booth, and you will be entered to win our monthly gift certificate giveaway to the following booths:

Moonlight Wireless


Gravity Video Warehouse


Your gift certificate will equal the number of items you add to your booth, up to a maximum of $25, 1 listing = 1 dollar.

Want to save money on fees? We have just added Dwolla as a payment method! Zero fees for transactions under $10, and just 25 cents for transactions over $10. To use Dwolla, signup through the link below. When a Dwolla user purchases from you, send them a money request and receive their payment. It's that easy, really!

Signup for Dwolla and pay just 25 cents for transactions over $10!

Just in, 20 booth/store themes! Pick from any of these below when you sign up for your store. Who says you can't have a little fun with it?

The Enchanted Cottage
Visit one of our great seller's stores!
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